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Holiday Greeting - Dad: Breadwinner and Caregiver

| June 17, 2016

For several years, researchers at Boston College have been studying the experiences and expectations of fathers. As you might suspect, the way in which men understand the role of ‘Dad’ has been changing. While some still believe their primary responsibility is providing financial support for their families, the majority of men say they are both breadwinners and caregivers.1

Men’s perceptions of their roles are often related to their age, according to The Shriver Report Snapshot: An Insight into the 21st Century Man. Men who are age 50 or older tend to prioritize being ‘providers,’ while younger men are more likely to put being ‘present for their families’ at the top of the list.2

This Father’s Day, remember change is rarely easy – the roles of dads have been in flux for a long time. No matter where your dad fits on the spectrum of fatherhood responsibilities, thank him for all he’s done for you this Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day! We value you and all you do for your family.

The above material was prepared by Peak Advisor Alliance.